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  1. Evening all, if you fancy heading over to In Atlanta's myspace you'll be graced with our latest recording, Stars. Please have a listen. Thanks.
  2. Cant wait to play this, snafu tents gonna be buzzin aswell.
  3. If anyone has a spare 4 and a half minutes we have a new song up on facebook or myspace that will brighten up your day. In Atlanta on Bacefook
  4. Great night last night at Mambos, hope it was enjoyed by all who was there!
  5. You speak wise words Mr Knight
  6. Not a lot to offer but: 2005-2007: Your Own Disaster - Crappy pop punk but we were young and clueless, got some good experience gigging if nothing else. 2009-Present: In Atlanta - Upbeat Electro Pop, much better listening than before! In Atlanta on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  7. The Jonas Brothers? Can they be classed as a band?
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