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  1. Cheap Tenor sax wanted. Anything considered, any condition.
  2. Bley

    Baritone Sax

    Vintage Baritone Sax King Zephyr for Sale. A Google search on this instrument will tell you all you need to know. This instrument has been refurbished ( a long story ) now plays great BUT it isn't being used. If I don't get 400 or a very near offer it'll go back in a cupboard 'til a gig turns up. If your interested/want more info get back to me.
  3. Bley

    Kawai K1

    Kawai K1 Keyboard for sale. If you check out YouTube you'll see what it's all about. If your interested get in touch.
  4. Bley

    Jazz Anyone

    Hi if you want to give me a call on 07707 465859 - for a chat. I play tenor sax.
  5. - can you give me a bit more info? What have you got so far line up wise? I play tenor sax.
  6. Bley

    Bass Combo wanted

    Sessionette 100 watt 4X10 Combo. Maybe to old? but if your interested - get back to me.
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