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  1. Sounds interesting - if you could supply some more information -
  2. - same as these, they are used, but like new.
  3. If any one is interested in Bang & Olufsen A8 Behind The Ear Headphones It would be nice to by pass ebay, so if you can come up with a respectable offer, get in touch.
  4. The Jazz Club is no more. Thanks to all who supported it during it's run, musicians and jazz fans. So what now? If you fancy some "Jazz on a Summers Day" Summer? OK how about if you fancy some " Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon" come along to the Anthenauem. THE ANTHENAEUM 5-9 UNION STREET 3 TIL 6 Pass the word.
  5. Preci Peace return to the club on the 23rd of May. 8 'til late. Free admmission. Pass the word.
  6. WEDNESDAY 16TH PETE LOWIT and FRIENDS 8 'til late Free Admission
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