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  1. Sorry, MrAnderson. I just want to help others. The site Goodparty.co.uk, it offer a free service which automatically link the bands and the look-for. I think, it is a great site which can help people save money and time. People needn't to search and ask around and pick them. All they need to do is just make an enquiry on it, and then right bands will contact them. You can easily, quickly and simply find the best custom made offer for your party. I know such advertising is annoying. But as long as it can help one person, it is good post.
  2. If you have not enough time to wait, maybe you can get to some professional website, such as GoodParty.co.uk. Always, they have lots of information on different kinds of bands.
  3. Hope my post is not too late. Maybe you can visit GoodParty.co.uk to get some bands' information. Lots of bands are working with it. Hope you have a wonderful gig this year. 8-)
  4. Probably, you can visit GoodParty.co.uk to get information. There are lots of bands working with it.
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