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  1. sorry "idol wild", you are very misinformed.
  2. Lets all work for free and then when we start to starve we can get a job at a college teaching other people how to work for free. Honestly there is so much wrong with this "industry" right now.
  3. your going to need lots of people to move those crown MA10000's
  4. We are looking for people who are interested in playing the mixing console Would be really useful for anyone doing HND's e.t.c in Audio or anyone who wants to become a sound tec. Would also be good for us because we are going to have a very busy summer. Get in touch via our website Taylored Sound Limited - Funktion One Rental Network Partner - About Us or jimi@tayloredsound.co.uk Thanks
  5. What is the gig you are promoting? Who else is playing? What's the cause?
  6. Does anyone remember the first Dixon "cocktail" ? Livin Lavida Coca Was never entirely sure of exact method but it seemed to include Drakes Sangria, lager and coke.
  7. the mono 501 model? Think we have a couple of these if your interested. Might even have used them on a weapon gig before.
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