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  1. Hey, I'll be happy to do the sound. Also I maybe could record it too.
  2. Hello, If you are still interested, I teach right from the start. Sitting posture, moeller method, score reading, etc...
  3. Worked with Owen Morgan of Lost Levels and Blink 182, and Nick Brine of StoneGods, Darkness and Arctic Monkeys, available for producing, studio recording and live engineering. Expect a real professional job. G on 07500511509
  4. oromon

    Drum Tuition

    Based on Moeller Method, really into detail, right from the basics for the punk/rock/blues/ and metal genres. 20 for an hour, on Crown Street. The first few occassion can be at you place if you wish so but then we'll sit behind a kit. G on 07500511509
  5. Worked with Nick Brine of Arctic Monkeys, Owen Morgan of Stone Gods, Blink 182 and Lost levels offering his services; Composing, producing, recording and mixing. Incredibly competitive prices, really. 07500511509
  6. oromon

    Keyboard player

    HeavenBlade on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Sorry for this
  7. Hi, I'm playing in here: HeavenBlade on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads We could happily do an acoustic song and a little bit of a chat....
  8. 22 years on drums, 1 on piano, 5 on guitars. I'm inforlved in songwriting and drumming in a progressive metal band, but can teach jazzy things too. Had a dozen of pupils back home... The max level is an interesting thing... I've got a free examination thing, along with a coffe, usually enough to decide
  9. Just started drum teaching in Aberdeen city center... right from the basics, based on experience and school... not caring about degrees but the music. Involving tons of genres from metal to jazz.... Give me a pm if interested.
  10. oromon

    Keyboard player

    Local progressive band needs keyboardist for its full lineup. We have an album recorded, another one under composing, gigs booked/getting booked, etc. listen us on www.myspca.com/heavenbladebanduk
  11. Check this out please: HeavenBlade on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads If you like it, worth a try although it's not easy...
  12. Hi. I am a druumer. I would like to do disturbed, but i would like to work with a disturbed-like vice in my own project as well. I play drums 22 years ago n you can check me out on the myspace (.../heavenbladebanduk .../chooseyourfate) See you soon, Gergely
  13. oromon


    I am looking for a Keyboard-God to a progressive-symphonic metal band called HeavenBlade. Our Influences ae Nighwish, Kamelot, DreamTheater, Tool, Gary Moore... The Line-up: Female singer, Bassist, Drums. Members, we are looking for: 1 (or maybe 2?) guitarist (s) must be able to play clear and well and a great keyboardist. The band is located in Aberdeen from March cause the singer and the bassist stay in Hungary at the moment. I am tha drummer and songwriter and enginier and... so I am the guy who sucks with the writing, sound, organizing... If you are interested contact me then and we can arrange some 'auditions', see the scores, bla. We have 9 songs written and almost ready with the first album called Melody of Oblivion. You can check it out here: hhtp://www.myspace.com/heavenbladebanduk Rock on, G
  14. Hey Man, I'm a drummer from Hungary.. really new in UK, but with 20years experience... And I'm looking for band, of course...
  15. I'm new in UK, but I've got 20years drumming experience so I can help you if you want.
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