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  1. Yo - i sent a messageto ur e-mail?? am lookin for a guitarest/singer - check out ur e-mail or privet message me... takeiteasy mon
  2. Yo - my band has a couple of singers that do harmonies and switch about with lead parts, wud u b up for that?? the music is P-Funk and real soul deep party music, do do diffrent styles but thats the main thing. real bass and drum drivin cool music let me know if u r interested, takeiteasy
  3. hey - do u both sing?? iv got a P-Funk style band and it would be great to have more singers!! harmonies are important - hope to hear bak - takeiteasy
  4. I mite be what your looking for, if you want a versitile bass player and be able to play well. whats the band called, age etc...???? am 21, takeiteasy - Ewan
  5. eh, can you sing? ill get back to you - sing on bubble!
  6. cool - we just got a new singer, but what style of music do you like to sing? like what bands you listen to etc, what singers do you dig etc. - jus so i get a idea - thanks for the responce - Ewan
  7. Cool!! how long you been singin for>? how old r you? the idea is chord harmoneys on vocals, have you had singing lessons - tell me a lil bit about yourself. would you be willing to sing with other people at the same time? as a group? aswell as various parts. thanks for the repli and interest!! takeiteasy x
  8. Hey!! all tallented female singers with a nice/powerful voice - and able to have fun with heeps of different ideas!! the band is already full of tallented sound makers!! dont be scared to try out the Funk, coz you wontbe let down - hope to hear from you out ther - Ewan
  9. Hey man! am looking for a backup drummer who would have to play alot! can you do any percustion? the bands P-Funk style, tight spaced-out funk! thers over 7 members - let me know if your interested - Ewan
  10. Hey Colin. yeah, i was with Kris and Callum (keys/organ) and we seen you play! Regards the funkBand - a tenor sax and trumpet sound good! we sound like P-Funk, mean grooves soulFunk! working on band new ideas and just wanting to gig out! i will get a poster organised and get it a place on the Aberdeen Music wall. if you would try out with us, that would be wild - horn harmoney grooves are somethin good! - Ewan
  11. Come on wher everybody at now?? wher are all the partyPeople, wher hav all the PartyPeople gon??
  12. am more than decent, you would have to hear me to believe me. how oftain do you play>?
  13. Hey!! i hava partyFunk band, and we are mean! we all sing practicly. Do you know of George Clinton?? let me know
  14. Hey!! am needin a new lead/rhythem guitarest for my partyFunk band - if you can sing also that would be good - we all sing in this band let me know
  15. I am afa good!! lol, how many people are in the band?? is it covers you do or what?? let me know
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