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  1. cheers FLASH!! does he not realise the money i have saved this week ! i can blow it all on drink, drugs and strippers!! tongue-in-cheek 8-)
  2. quite simple ! the monday night crowd did not come on a friday, they all knew about! they were the ones who asked us to put it on a friday night as well not really rocket science is it???????? when i say it was dead...im mean NO ONE , ZILCH, ZERO !!!!
  3. I see you haven't mentioned it will be restarting on the 21st once the students are back. and this night in question was a gig which we moved from the bar to the club so you would have someone to dj to! and so when the clubber arrived they would walk back out because the place was empty My concern is why did we drop our Friday drinks prices so everyone could still pay full price else where? so you see we did give it a fair go, realised the timing was wrong and instead of getting a reputation for being a dead night decided to stop wasting time, money and effort and close for a few weeks. BTW; we thought joint marketing makes sense when its the same crowd your aiming at, who wants 2 flyers for the same concept? hope to see you all in a few weeks
  4. sorry but the office reply was spot on, we are a business after all, and have other promoters banging on our door for friday night rnb nights etc etc everyone said "mudd club friday night" please please please.......... so we do it and no one supports it?( we are really pleased with monday nights, friday just didnt seem to work i have to ask myself the question....do i continue with it, or give it to another genre????
  5. Mudd Starts 11pm YEAH MUDD WITH DJ BINKY STARTS FROM 11PM FREE ENTRY TILL 1030PM CHEAP DRINK DEALS WITH PREMIUM BRANDS (not drink deals with crap firewater)
  6. THIS FRIDAY .... 17AUG LIVE ROCK AT ITS LOUDEST BESTEST!!!!!!!!! 9PM START (i say rock because im an old bastard) im sure it has other "cool genres" ITS FECKIN ROCK!!!!!!!!
  7. This Friday Mudd 9pm Start PIESHOP WILL BE ON LIVE ON STAGE FROM 9PM...COME CHECK THEM OUT!! MUDD OPENS 11PM WITH YOUR DJ..........BINKY FREE ENTRY TILL 10.30PM VODKA-DASH -1.50 (SMIRNOFF)... or go elsewhere for shit vodka!! double up for a quid! SELECTED SHOTS - 1.50 (why the hell would you???... cause its cheap!!!!!) CRAP CARLSBERG BOTTLES -1.50 ( we call a spade a spade!!)lets face it.. crap lager! 8-)
  8. you could contact me mark tel-01224 571475
  9. that should be carlsberg 1.50 and alan forgot to mention doulble up on vodka 1!
  10. thanks!!! thankyou for your support on mondays..... MUDD now has a friday!!! ................you guys deserve a weekend night just one thing!!!! throw the drink down your throats and not on the tables, floors.walls.....lol?( one may find, one gets pissed quicker if one follows one simple rule!!!8-):up:
  11. Soul Funkin Hot!!!!!!!! 14 Piece Soul Band Off Spring From Souled Asylem 28th July 8pm Doors
  12. THURSDAY 26TH JULY!! after the release of her amazing album, shes back !!! Homepage | Esther O'Connor wonderful vocals , a class act!!!! checkout her website!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Helter Skeltar!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8pm Doors Nuff Said!
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