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  1. At least he can spell toots...his writing is fucking shocking...must suck to be the idiots who will have to live with this crap for the rest of their lives, hopefully they saved a tenner by not going to one of the reputable places...fuck any tattooist who doesn't understand the importance of not fucking up someones body for life.... I would love a tattoo but have never found anyone in Aberdeen I'd trust to be honest...





    THEY\'LL (?!?!?)




  2. If you don't like it, get the fuck out you absolute tit. Cannot stand people slagging off my hometown. If you aren't from here, don't say anything, if you are from here and hate it so much, then leave.

    You're totally naive if you think Aberdeen is the "worst of the worst" by the way. I think the city is grey and yes it can be dire but it can also be wonderful, both in snow and sunshine. In the University grounds for example, it's lovely all year round. Duthie Park is magnificent. Out by Deeside is the type of area tourists pay to come and see and there's plenty more examples. The crime is very low (on street level, heroin and cocaine sales notwithstanding) and unemployment is lower than 99% of Britain. I'd rather be employed and paid well in a grey city than dirt poor in the sunshine.

    I'm not saying it's perfect but I think it's a nice place to live, and a nice city which has a lot to be proud of and I don't like the tone of the article at all.

    If people like you got the fuck out maybe I'd be happier. I'll stay where I was born till I die, there's not any fucking alternative is there.

    Anyone happy in Aberdeen is either a liar, or middle class....no time for either.

  3. It's even more despicable that she chooses to swear and mouth off to the black woman infront of her own kid. What a lovely example she's setting with some choice language.

    She probably sat in front of her own parents doing the same thing once upon a time....and there parents probably did too....etc...rinse repeat... You think anyone in Ireland still even has a clue what they're fighting over? This is how stupid people are manufactured...

  4. I fully suport these nazis...


    Theres something fascinating about this woman's mouth. I can't tell if she's pished, coked up, or has some mental issues...theres clearly something not right with her. Has anyone ever seen the old woman who sits on the 21 bus shouting at black people "SCUM! BLOODY SCUM BASTARDS!" She clearly has mental problems aswell....its like tourettes or something I guess.

    Still, good excuse to indulge in my own racism. Stupid ENGLISH cow...Britain is nuffink....

  5. Can anyone tell me what the deal is with putting on gigs at Captain Toms?

    Do you just book like a normal practice and bring a posse along, does it need to be okay'd by Tom first, or is it sepearate from the practice altogether? Is there any restrictions?

  6. I don't know what shocks me more, Jim Gellatly still being around or Estrella...

    I remember doing some god awful showcase gig at the Lemon tree in the early 90s and we were given afternoon workshops where "A northsound DJ will be available to constructively criticise your band"....all it was was the green haired fat bloke from one up slagging off everyones band...at least it inspired a song, "Jim Getalife"...

    But Estrella...come on....those guys weren't even born when what they are doing was already passed its sell by date....although the fact the beat xcerts in some stupid battle of the bands almost makes me want to respect them...

  7. a) 99% of club producers use their own gear full stop to create compositions.

    b) if you were going to hire out the type of studio you pictured, wouldn't your budget also probably cover a £70 return flight to London and a b&b? do you really need to ask on aberdeen-music if this facility exists locally? "Aye, well there's Captain Tom's, Mark Nicol out in the sticks will do you a good deal on a demo as well...oh yeah, I almost forgot, there's also this other one which is world renowned and full of hundreds of thousands of pounds of vintage analogue electronics - Kraftwerk are in there at the moment working on a new album"

    c) if you really needed to benefit from acoustics, monitoring & outboard gear and effects, wouldn't you once again take your finished-at-home production to a studio to mix it down? why pay by the hour to 'lay down' tracks.

    I was simply pointing out some of the reasons why you would go to a studio instead of doing stuff at home....in answer to the OP's question....nope! go to someone heres house instead ....

  8. i've never heard of an electronic artist who doesnt produce in their own studio. how would that work?

    Proper monitoring in an accoustically treated contrl room, professional outboard gear, an array of synths and effects you don't have access to at home or might never have dreamed of using, a good desk to mix on...loads of reasons why you would want a real studio for electronic music over doing it at home...


  9. Who was the guy that used to play guitar through an amp powered by a motorbike battery...I can remember everyone thinking he got a really great sound from the battery breaking up, like valve saturation but with a tranny amp....but that could be a load of bs from a time when everything looked and sounded great.

    This romanian woman, I thought this was recent, she's been doing this since January (at least!??!) ffs....I'm finding it hard to find a room to record in just now, maybe I should just set up in the streets and make a racket there...

    And yeah...surely that piper (it isnt Dod copland) is learning how to play but lives in a flat so just stands there hoping he can pass off as a busker. Shocking. I used to hear someone making a racket in a multi story car park near my work a while back, could have been him in training....

  10. Why is no one fixing it? It's obviously only affecting certain ISP's hence the reason some of you wont see it (I don't see it at home for example, only at work, but on the same computer in the same browser)

  11. Hey this problem is still there, if you hit the front page without being logged in you will see it....


    Looks like your ads have been hacked or something...my work check everyones web habits by filtering keywords in text....there goes my net access!! :)

  12. I really want this


    Its a digital guitar / rock band controller. Have no interest in rock band, but you can play it like a real guitar. The sounds are no doubt fucking gash. But, for 129, it has a very nice feature...


    MIDI out! Finally a real affordable way to play synths....but I can't justify blowing 129 on something that looks like a toy to my ball and chain...hopefully the kids will want one for xmas!

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