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  1. judas priest-painkiller death-leprosy obituary-cause of death satyricon-volcano U2-war U2-the joshua tree fudge tunnel-hate songs in e minor entombed-left hand path napalm death-harmony corruption napalm death-utopia banished carcass-necroticism descanting the insalubrious bolt thrower-realm of chaos all are very enjoyable:up:
  2. whats that all about exactly is that whats going to happen on friday? i hopes so
  3. i think we're all around the same age about 16-18 not totally sure
  4. can't wait to play this gig it's been too long since our last....does anybody know if there definatley going to this?
  5. anthrax-persistence of time.....kick ass anthrax-among the living....even better godflesh-streetcleaner....not normally my thing but i fucking love it melvins-houdini.....love this one also don't know why i never looked them up before manntis-sleep in your grave....pretty good short metalcore album municipal waste-hazardous mutation.......love this one too a cool mix of anthrax and d.r.i. napalm death-noise for musics sake....cool introduction to napalm definatley be getting more of their albums sleep-jerusalem.......gets boreing when your not in the mood for it but good when you are.
  6. i was thinking of buying that yesterday but i think i may buy draconian times as an introduction because ive only heard one or two songs....
  7. yeah thats a fucking ace song
  8. i have a dislike for can i play with madness my friends like it but detest it
  9. for me thats a really hard question because there are so much that i like....
  10. i did some investigating and who would of thought a scatch and sniff cd ace
  11. i bought the new cathedral album "garden of unearthly delights" it's fucking tops
  12. i've heard a couple of songs they sound alot like d.r.i. which is great
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