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  1. wwwwuuwww the nemises looks ace....even has a lcd screen on the top, makes it even fancier....be even cooler if it had a flip out stick that wipes ur arse for yah
  2. www.thebeastmovie.com This film is due to come out on the 6/6/6 Trailer doesnt show what the actual film will be like it justss trys to leave you in suspense
  3. Yeh lol.....dont say that you will scare people away ....if it doesnt sell i mite just keep it and deal with it....or bits will mysteriously start to break off it one day.
  4. The link is selling it for 41 excluding VAT.....withe VAT it is almost 50 and then after that you have to pay for postage and packaging and then actually have to wait for about 5 days for it to come. So the answer to your question is sorry but no
  5. Iv got an alrite condition guitar...which i could make shit for you....if your looking for a known brand though it wont be for you.
  6. id buy your ram and mouse and maybe even TFT monitor mayb but if ur sellin as one unit it doesnt matter
  7. I have the computer case on this link up for sale http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/index.html?rb=3746718286&action=c2hvd19wcm9kdWN0X292ZXJ2aWV3&product_uid=44356 I got the case at christmas but then realised that i will need something lighter and smaller for LAN partys. Its perfect for someone looking to upgrade there computer immensely as it has ALOT of room inside or for someone looking for something modern and stylish It is basically like new with NO scratches or chips at all. Along with its side window it is very sleek and may look even better with a couple of LED fans and maybe even a neon light. I am looking for 40 on this case and will help with fitting if required. If interested or have any questions, reply on this topic or email me on rtsnotlob@hotmail.com
  8. Haha the take that one is hilarious
  9. A little fast fun entertainment....couldn't find where the blend button is.
  10. I have to say this is my favourite.....i dont no why but it just puts this weird scenario into my head.
  11. Hehe thanks.......i made another small one aswell just for fun......the pictures sorta bad quality...you mite be able to make it out
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