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  1. hey i have a metal band starting up and we are needing a decent drummer who is willing to travel far to rehershal. we are going to be playin alot of metal like trivium, metallica, soad and probably doing alot of our own material. if ur intrested leave a message here or private me. cheers laino
  2. hey, metal band need a drummer wanting to jam and maybe gig around scotland. message me or reply to this if intrested. we have all other members so it would be instat rehersal. you would have to have a way of transporting kit to rehersal hall. we will be playin music from bands like Trivium, Metallica, Slipknot, Pantera, Rage Against The Machine we will also be writing our own material cheers
  3. hey has anyone got 2 tickets to see FFAF in Barrowlands and would be willing to sell them for a good price? if you do please PM me.
  4. hey i am a guitarist been playing for 3 years now. me and friend (who plays bass) are looking to start a band. just for jams just now but if we get on good would want to start gigging. We would be playing mostly Metal or Rock like bands such as Metallica, FFAF, Killswitch Engage and Bullet For My Valentine. if anyone is intrested please PM me. P.S Another guitarist would be good i dont solo much but i am more intrested in letting the riffs do the work.
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