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  1. All things considered, I think he's doing alright.
  2. Destruction under a veil of "progress". The rescue of Provest Skene is a brilliant example, I salute your magnificent postings Flash. word
  3. YouTube - John Lennon - "Power To The People"
  4. Sundance

    A band

    Im 22 and play guitar. I have a diverse range of influences. I would like to be in an Incubus, Matchbox Twenty, Pearl Jam, etc, type band? Makes sense!?! ?( Would like to enjoy jamming with musicians, then perhaps form a band, write some songs etc. Thanks
  5. I enjoyed it very much. He must have been dry though!! I wish i had Henrys courage & fluency with words whilst talking to the beautiful girl at the merch stand
  6. I notice he is coming back to the UK again later this year and playing relatively small venues. I think we've got some suitable locations here, someone just needs to make him aware of that fact! Its not a totally unrealistic thought, is it? Im positive itd be a sell out Any thoughts?
  7. Ziggy Marley Ben Harper Coldplay Xavier Rudd John Butler Trio Nickel Creek Bruce Springsteen Dolores O'Riordan Damien Rice Tom Petty Pearl Jam Im being stupid.
  8. looking for an SG. Gibson, epiphone, westfield, any make, condition considered. Anyone?
  9. What time will this finish..? With doors at 9 and support at 9 30, when will the lemons hit the stage and how long will they stay there for? thanks
  10. Id like to attempt to make a band. Im 22 and play guitar. Looking for open minded, dedicated individuals. A singer, a drummer and a bassist might be good...? Influences are vast...Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Silverchair, RATM, The Beatles, U2 etc These are by no means favourite bands, but more like the type of band id like to be part of...? Make sense?
  11. I have a spare if anyone would like to buy it?
  12. Im looking for a good quality microphone for home recording using a zoom digital multi track. The mic would ideally be used for vocals & acoustic instruments... Would it be better to get a seperate mic for voice & instruments? Any advice recommendations would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  13. Was anyone else in attendance and as impressed as I?
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