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  1. Its about time! 8-) Unfortunately with his only dates in England being festivals, tickets will be even harder to get hold of!
  2. Im looking for around 280, but open to offers as previously stated.
  3. Ive decided to put this instrument back up for sale if anyone is interested...?
  4. Good condition, boxed with instructions, lead & mic 300
  5. Does anyone know where i can find some polaroid 600 film in Aberdeen for a reasonable price? Or perhaps someone has some theyd like to get rid of?
  6. i have an epiphone les paul standard. Yours for 50?
  7. The decision was made by the council before the designs were even revealed to the public. They'd just like us to believe we actually have a say in such things...And they'll have it outside their new offices at marischal college of course Lets close the schools, pools, everything, but the renovation of this building is paramount. Vitally important to the people of Aberdeen that they have this magnificent building to do their crap, corrupt "job". Its really depressing that these people run our city.
  8. It is a wonderful guitar, a peach. I think you robbed someone to get it for that price! This is a premium model 1998, which is rarer with alder body instead of the cheaper basswood normally used on these models. Only selling due to investment in PRS instrument 8-) I cant afford to keep it. Im open to sensible offers
  9. Inspiring performance. Awesome. Any other thoughts?
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