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  1. still still seeking the above. MAKE NEW FREINDS TODAY!!
  2. b tell me more tell me more
  3. new soul covers band seeks the above
  4. looking for male vocalist/ringleader and some funky fungers for soul covers band
  5. !! male vocal!and keys! male larynx and some funky fingers pleeze
  6. loud mouth, opinionated? i dont mind.guitarist 25 seeks a nut to write interesting music with.gsoh.must like animals.jpty.fvxp.
  7. We are currently on the look out for the following to complete our soul out fit! Bass player, Piano player. Brass and male vocalist. We are covering soul blues and funk tunes. If interested or know anyone who might be let us know.


    looking for demos, cds for local radio airplay.pm me.


    looking for local band material for radio show...........got any?
  10. KORESH


    demos for radio show, you have any??
  11. KORESH


    would u be interested in sendin me any demos, for radio show??
  12. KORESH


    j two guys sittin by the pool watchin the swimmers . "c'mon, 50 quid says i'll beat you to ten lengths" one says. "you're daft, we're here to socialise,plus you've nae arms or legs" the other says. "bollocks....GO!!!" and their in the water, game on. guy with limbs does his length and comes back to find his pal groaning in pain. "you allright?" he asks "Aww, what a time to get cramp" he replies.
  13. famous who wants to be famous within 6 miles???????? 6 miles of stardum
  14. range I and hopefully another similar to I will be making a local music show on SHMU also. Genre unimportant, from testicular metal to newborn puppy whimpers. It must be local though, or local~ish. athanku.
  15. KORESH

    Tool Geeks?

    ete i guess i just am into tool, fantomas and anything away from verse chorus verse stuff, any singers anywhere?
  16. Frequency Dont Know What Freq Yet,
  17. KORESH

    Tool Geeks?

    my god kkkk ggggng
  18. KORESH

    Tool Geeks?

    hi yeah hi.been a while.busy passin exams etc. what i was lookin for were pwople intersted in examining and trying their hand and more elongated forms of music making,basically im into weird stuff that i dont fully understand, and also music that draws its power from a group effort rather than individual vurtuosity.xx
  19. Radio I have someone working on that, but someone is obviously a bit lazy. Im being hopeful that anyone out there will find a way to get to us,ie , mail , this siteetc. We will "hopefully" be playing local bands/artists records as well as interviews, phone ins, live gigs.We need to take some names asap though, as Im sure there'll be work fittin everyone in...........so come on peoples, tell someone
  20. Local Radio SHMU FM,will be broadcasting over normal radio as well as the internet in little over a month. ABERACKIT will be dedicated to local music of all standards, post to the address or check "ABERACKIT" ON MYSPACE if you dont like the subtle pleasure of stamp licking.
  21. New local FM station starts broadcasting in just weeks!!!!! We want local talent for weekly show, bands, solo artistes, duos, love triangles, jokers and buskers. Send demos, info and/or contact details to address below. 13 E Sandilands drive. Aberdeen. AB24 2PT The show is called "ABERACKIT" CHECK MYSPACE FOR CORRESPONDENCE, BIG WORD, thanks.
  22. KORESH

    Tool Geeks?

    Are Those Replies??? Go Discover Women Boys, They Are Neat. Tool Heads, Tool Nerds, Any Out There?
  23. KORESH

    Guitar Swap

    Maybe I Would, I Want A Grown Up Guitar, I Want One Real Bad
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