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  1. And they are in alphabetical order: Action Group Acute Riot Aeronaut Broken Records Certain Death Chiaro Chutes Cryoverbillionaires Dance Lazarus Dance Down The Tiny Steps Emotiquon Fiction/Action Flaming Katy Frankie Samba John Freestone Kiddo Kobai Little Doses Miss The Occupier Miyagi Non-Zero Opportunity Club Over The Wall Project:Venhell Q Without U Radars Red Snowman Rune San Sebastian Shutter Sixpeopleaway Team Turnip The Berriez The Cider Spiders The Clicks The Costa Deens The Cuts The Draymin The Leatheretes The Little Kicks The Moth And The Mirror The Sorren Maclean Band Theatre Fall Theblimp This Is Geneva Tokyoblu V-2schneider Yashin Vic also played the xcerts on his show tonight!
  2. TBreak 2007 Heats Announced! Apparantly Vic Galloway is announcing which bands are through to the TBreak heats for T in the Park on his show tonight
  3. This Thursday at The Tunnels.... Alamos Fiction/Action Someyoungpedro Parity's Fall Thursday 1st June The tunnels Doors 8pm, 4
  4. Hello For those who attended - and for those who did not - our gig in Drummonds on Tuesday 24th Jan you might have heard Niall mumble something down the microphone at the very end of our set. Alot of people said they had no idea what he said so this was it... "This is the last time you'll ever see Reasons Are Red play... as we are now called Fiction Action" We've decided a name change was in order as reasons are red did not really sell the band, making us sound more like a metal school band than a dischordant-style band. That and Reasons Are Red is a shite name, so we're now 'Fiction/Action'. cheers Kevin Fiction/Action next gig - lunchtime gig at the lemon tree, Thurs 2nd Feb.
  5. Kabuki Presents: Reasons Are Red Think along the lines of early idlewild, fugazi, jetplane landing, sonic youth, and you won't be too far away. (www.reasonsarered.com) Des Jure Features Bob Fairfoul (ex-Idlewild and Degrassi), the other half of the former members of 'The Gloria Flaw', and a stand alone singer in the form of Degrassi's drummer! Sounds like "Sonic Youth fucking Jetplane Landing at the discotheque" (www.myspace.com/desjure) The Phoenix Band Funky indie for the barren wastelands of up North. You might remember them as 'The Ark Royals' Cafe Drummond. Tuesday 24th January Doors @ 8.30. Door Tax 2. Should be a good gig, will be a varied bill, and at 2 you cannae complain!
  6. If anyone is unfamiliar with Reasons Are Red and wants to hear us we have mp3's on www.myspace.com/reasonsarered - one of the mp3's is brand spanking new! exciting stuff eh...
  7. Doors are 9pm Mr McLeod! We have tickets for sale if anyone would like one, just get in touch. Will be good to see the xcerts, looking forward to it
  8. Any idea as to who the other support band will be Paul? Looking forward to the gig!
  9. Hello Wasn't really sure where to post this but there is a few days available for rehearsal time at the lockup (which is currently the practicing pad of 'Hookers Green#1', 'The Upstarts', 'Lorenzo Snow Collective', 'Paritys Fall', and 'Reasons Are Red'). If any band is interested in rehearsing at the lockup down at ship row (the door to the left of exile studio) then send me a pm. Rates are 70 rent pcm per band. Your band will have their own practice day (and are able to use the place when it's not in use - obviously!). There's a kit and pa for communal use, would prefer if you took your own amps. Cheers for reading. Kevin
  10. It was ace when Frank Turner of Million Dead came on and sang (well.. screamed) the second vocal for alpha signal three
  11. Thee Comrades couldn't make the gig and crash bang promo's couldn't find a local support so pulled the gig.
  12. The Gloria Flaw Dan Against The World Small Enclosed Area The Mosset Tavern, Forres Doors 7.30pm Tickets 4 A Bus to this gig can be arranged enough people are interested. PM if you want to come through, definates only though. Bus would travel through and back on the same night.
  13. Hello For anyone who might remember or be slightly interested, nearly a year after the split up of The Gloria Flaw we have decided to reform for one gig only in our home town of Forres, playing not only as a 5 piece, but also as our original 4 piece lineup. The gig will be happening at the Mosset Tavern, Forres, on Wednesday 13th July. Support comes from Dan Against The World and Small Enclosed Area. Tickets 4, doors 7.30pm. We appreciate Forres is a fair distance for people to travel to see the flaw for a one off, so if enough numbers were interested we could arrange a bus to Forres and back in the same night like we used to do for the forres lot when we travelled through to play aberdeen. If you are definately interested then PM me. This gig should be fun, interesting and strange all at the same time... but still, look forward to it! Cheers TGF x --------------------------------- The Gloria Flaw Dan Against The World Small Enclosed Area The Mosset Tavern, Forres Wednesday 13th July Doors 7.30pm 4 ---------------------------------
  14. Cheers dude! Thanks to everyone who came down to support the show tonight, it was much appreciated. We realise the timing wasn't that great with The Xcerts rawking Aberdeen last night, but hey... there's plenty of rawk left in this city! Hopefully.
  15. all i can hear as a result of reasons are red is constant ringing in my ears for a couple of days...
  16. Sorry - wasn't sure if you had myspace etc that's why i didn't put anything up on the original post about this gig
  17. Indeed, but it has happened before. For example, there were two purple munkie's (although one spelt munkie properly). I'm sure i was told that Inverness Findo Gask tried to arrange a gig with the Southern Findo Gask, but Southern findo said no - on the other hand my information could be utter shite with regards to this matter! I think curfew is 10.30pm but will need to check with Paul - it'll finish before MUD starts though! First band will be on at about 7.20/7.30pm i'd imagine.
  18. Reasons Are Red + Copy Haho + someyoungpedro + Findo Gask, 20th June @ Kef Reasons Are Red www.myspace.com/reasonsarered Copy Haho (formally known as Politik) www.myspace.com/copyhaho someyoungpedro (stoner rock band from Edinburgh) Findo Gask (Emo band from Inverness, similar to Thursday) www.myspace.com/findogask Live at Kef! Monday 20th June Doors 7pm, 4 tax! Should be a good gig, it's a varied bill. All support would be much appreciated.
  19. Reasons Are Red won't be playing this gig i'm afraid due to exams. If anyone wants to catch us we'll be playing Drummonds on 7th June.
  20. If you are free this Saturday 7th May... ...then feel free to pop along to the Gun Club at the Tunnels... The Little Flames (Deltasonic Records, home of the Zutons) Dedalus Reasons Are Red Saturday 7th May The Tunnels Doors 9pm (the night finishes at 3am) 5 tax Cheers (RAR)
  21. Be sure to come down early to catch our set as we fight for rawk justice!!
  22. Just the one, Andrew Corse, but we'll need to see what's hot and what's not in fashion next week as to whether or not he'll be a timeless accessory We have tickets if anyone wants one!
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