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New Goldfrapp album this summer

Swingin' Ryan

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From Goldfrapp.free.fr

In an interview with MOJO magazine, Alison Goldfrapp has revealed how recording sessions for her third album are progressing.

The singer, who won critical acclaim with 2001's "Felt Mountain" and "Black Cherry" in 2003, has been working in Somerset with long-term musical partner Will Gregory on the as-yet-untitled record.

She is currently mixing the results at Olympic studios in London.

Working titles for songs include "White Horse", "You Never Know", "Ooh La La", "Slide In", "Lovely To See You", "Fall To The Floor" and "Time Out Of The World".

The singer described the album as a progression from the 'glam rock' sound of "Black Cherry".

She said: "We had fun with that [sound] on the second record, so we've explored it a bit more with lots of cheeky, fuzzy, synth sounds and lots of synthesizers that probably sound like guitars on first hearing.

"You know, there are so many guitar bands around, we don't need to join in on that one."

She added: "There are a few things on the album that, in a weird kind of way, take on "Felt Mountain", but in a different way, things like "White Horse" and "You Never Know". They're sort of desolate but at the same time positive, sort of gloomily euphoric.

"It sounds like somewhere between New York, Berlin and north-east Somerset, or maybe cold crumpets and bubbles. Or even euphoric crumpets".

Well I'm excited.

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