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Streetlight Manifesto in Glasgae (ska punk)


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Anyone heading down to see Streetlight Manifesto on the 18th April in Glasgae? There's no venue posted yet but I'll keepin em peeled for an update on http://www.punkoiuk.co.uk/

If you're not familair the band they're an American Ska Punk band in the same vein as Catch 22. Their album is called Everything Went Numb as is forkin quality. Don't miss it if you like good catchy Ska.

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Agreed! It's hard to sit still when listening to them. It's just a pity it's on a Monday night. Still, better than a night spent doing fork all i Aberdoom.

Another amazing ska band to check out is The Menace Society, from upstate NY. They have a bit of a Leftover Crack sound, only with more horns and less political statement. Shit hot man I tell thee.

I don't think you can buy their stuff but if you use torrents I could maybe help you out.

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