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Music of Kid Audio

chris leslie

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Just a quick note to give some information about this band, who will be appearing at Drummonds on Friday March 11th with the Vandeleys and Eddison.

Music of Kid Audio (otherwise known as MOKA) are an Edinburgh-based rock band who have been together about three years. You might have seen them featured in the Sun last Friday for their entry into the Emergenza Battle of the Bands. Lasy year they played the Big in Falkirk event, sharing the stage with Deacon Blue and McFly. They've attracted considerable attention from US record companies including Maroon 5's label, and they've received warm accolades from the press, including a review on the Elevation Station website.

That's enough of that. I've seen them several times and they are an amazing band; they're quite unlike anything that's around just now, really far separated from the Franz Ferdinands and Bloc Partys of the current scene. Their songs are supremely catchy and really energetic, and they're great to watch. I'd highly recommend checking them out, especially for fans of the Music, Idlewild, Hendrix and the Cure.

Drummonds' website hasn't announced start times or prices yet so I had to post here and not on the gig events page.


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Guest stuartmaxwell

good luck

thats the same night as the fudge awards where the marvellous LAETO, SMALL ENCLOSED AREA AND THE STACCATATCTATCO SET are playing

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