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Internet Radio - You Love It!!!

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the glasgow university student radio station broadcasts on FM in the west end of glasgow for 4 weeks a year but is available the rest of the time on www.subcity.org. well worth a listen. admittedly there's some shite, but when you've got 'offthehinges with spoonie and troutfish' on friday from 3-4 with such features as biscuit of the week, romeowatch and the will smith moment, you know you're onto a winner!

get tuned in and share your thoughts with us. if you miss the show and fancy hearing what it's all about, subcity.org now offers a listen again feature. you might find yourself amused by the stupidity of offthehinges or the offensive nature and hilarious prank phonecalls of the happy hardcore show on a monday night.

also, there's a show called the city sessions on tuesday 8-10 which has live sessions from such bands as the needles and fickle public.

keep it fresh




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