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Steven Milne

JOHNNY CASH TRIBUTE NIGHT - This SATURDAY 26th February - 8.30pm

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Hey ther y'all,

Saturday would be Johnny Cash's birthday.

As a tribute to him, Kabuki has organised a tribute night. Should be a really good night.

The line up as as far as I remember is:

The Little Kicks

Danny Young

Karl Alexander

Rescue Party

The bands are all doing half original material and half JCash stuff.

Kicks off at 8.30pm @ Drummonds

Door Tax: Guessing 2/3


Upcoming Gigs

Steven Milne

Thursday 24th February - Lemon Tree - Supporting the Needles

Wednesday 2nd March - Tunnels - Piano Night with Kathryn Sawers

Solo E.P comin soon!

the little kicks

Thursday 3rd March - Kef - Supporting Thee Unstrung

Friday 8th April - Cafe Drummonds - Supporting Viva Stereo

Thursday 26th May - The Tunnels

Check out our site: www.thelittlekicks.co.uk

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