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Computer Help urgent.


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hohoho. The icon is not on the screen' date=' y'know...the little arrow.[/quote']

You should have said the Pointer then. I'm not a mind reader :rolleyes:

go to control panel, then 'Add New Hardware'. Install the driver for a Microsoft PS/2 Compatitable mouse, and remove the old driver. unplug the mouse from the pc and reinsert it

for the screen, right click on your desktop and click 'properties'. I presume that it will be at about 640x480. Try changing it to at least 800x600 and it should go back to normal

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PS 2 mice arn't hot pluggable' date=' quickest way to fry a motherboard.

Have you tried restarting the machine?[/quote']

I have done it shit loads of times when my pointer halts, and its fine

USB cables are worse, especially when you see the static when you touch the back of the case with the connector

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