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Guest Salty

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Seeing how I asked you guys what bass to get ( i went for a metalic pink jim deacon fender p copy from bruce millers) I thought I'd ask what amp to go for. I only need a little one, 10watt is probably enough for me. I just don't know what to go for and I don't really want to stand about getting advice from some guy who doesn't really know what he's on about so yeh. Nothing more than 80 though, I have xmas pressies and new year to cater for.

Ah the budget is upped. My mum's decided to buy it for me on boxing day in the sales so um pro sound or bruce millers please, do r n b do amps? Oh I think they do don't they.

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RnB's do amps though I haven't had a look at the smaller amps they stock. They sell Ashdown so they might have/will be able to get you <they ordered a 350w Ashdown cab> the smaller practices amps. There's the After Eight which is 15w and has a 8" speaker. www.soundslive.co.uk <where I got my Asdown head> have it for 79 and say retail is 99. They also have the fivefifteen which is a 1x15" and has 65w <more like it!> and that's 149 on their site for limited period rrp being 199 apprently. In between these models is the perfect ten which has a 10" speaker and 35watts of power. Again they have it for 119 and retails is 149. You can find out more about Ashdown amps at www.ashdownmusic.co.uk or go into RnB's and pick up a catolouge in the bass section/ask someone.

Bruce Millars have some HiWatt bass practice amps. I am unsure of price/model but they are in there along with some HiWatt guitar practice amps...sure the bass ones at B65 or something?!

Other than those I don't know too much about what Aberdeen has to offer. Good thing for bass is at least a 10" speaker...more air it's pushing usually means more volume and bass-ier sound. Also more power than guitar amp is usually required for same sort of performace...for bed room use though 10+ should do the trick.

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