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15th december

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it has come to my attention that hotman gu are playing a battle of the bands sort of thing in o shandemfla or however the fuck you spell it for a chance to play at new year. is this right?

if so i think everybody should head down. EVERYBODY and show support because that would be fucking ace.

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It is correct yes..

I should have the ticket things to hand out soon

- they are basically to show your there to see Hot Mangu

It's FREE Entry

Wednesday 15th December at O' Donoghues, Justice Mill Lane

Doors at 8.30pm (ish) i think

should be rockin'

So please come down and have some fun with us.. :up:

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1st band is 9.30pm

order is decided on the night apparently

- i have tickets

for getting in Free - although its free anyway...

but they're ones that say you're there to see Hot Mangu

- so unless you find one in town somewhere

- as i believe some of our flyers have been spread around some places

otherwise... contact me

- i'll chuck some through your letter box or something if you remind me where u are... send me a pm

likewise anyone else...


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