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The Aphrodisiacs, The 55's & The Vandelays - Sunday 12th Dec 04


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interesting music present an evening of youthful upstart noise featuring:-

Sunday 12th Dec 04

Dr Drakes Doors 8pm

Entry 4 Students with ID 2.50

The Aphrodisiacs

The Aphrodisiacs, SL Records of Edinburgh's latest signings, are a three

piece from Motherwell who with a drum machine, bass, guitar and occasional

live drummer make melodic electronic pop tunes that fall somewhere between

the postal service, new order and Mogwai. The band formed sometime in 2002

when, with a palmtop digital studio and super mario racing on in the

background, they set out to record something with a dance beat and weird

keyboard noises. The results were to become the title track of their new

album, "This is a Campaign". John Peel liked the track, started playing it

on his show on radio 1 and soon invited them down to the world famous Maida

Vale studios in London to record a session for his show. Later that year the

track featured in his festive fifty chart, voted for by listeners to his show.

Since then they've spent their money on equipment and their time playing

across Scotland and recording their debut album in their studio in

Motherwell. They've also found time to record a track for Peel's Burns day

show. Over the last year, as well as Peel playing all the tracks they've

recorded, they've picked up plays on stations across Scotland.

To celebrate the release of their album they have been back down to London

to record a second session for John Peel.


The 55's

The 55's couldn't care less about their music, about which they are

passionate. The 55's are interested in sin. One might wonder at the odds of finding the greatest singers, guitarists, bass guitarists, and drummers in one group. the 55's certainly were amazed. And so, this special little rock group have been playing 'sutra rock' around

Edinburgh since the summer of 2002. Last year they visited a blue shed in

Glasgow where they were given magic powers and returned with music on disk.

In recent months the 55's have enjoyed extensive radio airplay on shows such

as "The Session in Scotland" and "John Peel" .


The Vandelays

The Vandelays formed in June 2003 when Andy Pirie, Vocals + Guitar, and Dave

Stephen, Vocals, Guitar + Keyboard, got together to work on some material

for a few acoustic shows. Some more members were added In September, Craig

Reid, Vocals + Bass and Bryan Forrest, Drums, before the band started to

record and play around Aberdeen. Highlights being supporting the Needles at

the Lemon Tree and the MPE Band at Dr. Drakes. At the moment the Vandelays

are rehearsing new material and will be gigging around Scotland before

completing recordings for an E.P or album.

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