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Dizzy Storm

[ursula Minor] [the Chymes] [otherman] Fri 10th Dec

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a great, and quite rare, line up (getting UM and The Chymes on the same bill!) for your listening pleasure next friday - with all 3 acts being electronica based....no room for drummers here!


some of you may have seen them headlining our Shift event at the castlegate in october. they hail from glasgow, are influenced by the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Spiritualized, Primal Scream and Spacemen 3..big beats, guitars and spine chilling vocals www.ursulaminor.co.uk


a wee review.....'Swamping us in synths, piano and melodic guitar they sound not unlike an up to date My Bloody Valentine sharing a pint with the Byrds. The band themselves look like they're fresh out of 1965. There's elements of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, in the drawn out scuzzy feedback. Firm nods to the melodic, indie anthemry of Vapour Trail era Ride. The thumping synth beats and dance-adelic coolness of DJ Shadow and Tortoise. And cunning nods in the direction of Four Tet and Pink Floyd. It's dark and mysterious, yet surprisingly danceable in places....' www.thechymes.com


local Joy Division/Depeche Mode-esque 3 piece - even though none of them even own a single record by said bands!!




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