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visuals, cellos,violins, electronics.......a treat in store tonight


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interesting music promotions announce another evening of exclusive entertainment,

which will be a visual & ambient treat:-

Dr Drakes

Sunday 14th Nov 04

Door tax 6 Students with ID 4

Doors 8pm




Mask present an exciting blend of rhythmless ambient pieces fused with

downtempo songs, which melt into a subtle and bewitching weave of sound.

MASK evolved after progressive singer Sonja Kristina (ex Curved Air) asked

the ambient orchestral composer Marvin Ayres to produce her 2003 CD Cri De

Coeur. When that album was complete Marvin suggested to Sonja that they

collaborate on a new project involving recording and performing experimental,

intuitive voice and strings soundscapes, mixing extemporization with more

structured songs and beats. Further collaboration has continued with film and

visual artists to present a fluid and expressive environment for their music.


67, from Aberdeen, comprises the Guitar, Keyboard and Programming noises of

Dave Falconer, the words and vocals of Kirsten Murray and the sounds of

Flautist, Kat Parkin. It all began in the door way of a guitar shop numbered '67',

where Dave and Kirsten gave birth to a healthy baby band in September. The

band was still teething on its first live set a month later, supporting the Simon Gall

band and have since played gigs at Dr Drakes, Wild Boar, Henry J Beans,

Hog's Head and Belmont Cinema Caf. The band's 4 track ep, "I am as big as

my hand" was released in February of this year and the band are currently

working on an album to follow. We endeavour to make an audio pick 'n' mix

of gummy bear beats, flying saucer synthesis, acoustic aniseed balls,

mellow marshmallows and vanilla fudge vocals".

Look out for a raft of new songs & visuals especially put together for this show

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