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Drew DigiTek

Wrie a Review for Me Please !

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I am looking to Release a short EP on cd/vinyl in January to let people get an idea of the sound before the album drops in Dec 05.

I am looking for some one, rather it be a mod or admin from this site to do a review of the Ep, since the site is local.

Its a rap cd, FULLY produced by me and rapped by me lol.

Its an independant release and will be in shops around teh UK in january, promo versions will be sent out to reviews and radio station on december 1st, its all ready being played in clubs in Aberdeen, Inverness and Dundee.

If your intrested in doing the review give me a PM.

It will be posted on the website (ekizel.co.uk)

If you want to SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL artists ! Go buy the cd in January (mabey Feb lol) I will update you with a date but for now its "No Said Date", but go to the Live shows !!!!

Little shows around the normal venues in Aberdeen just keep your eyes open for E K I Z E L but one show will plug lol is "Make It Rough" on December 4th Hosted by Urban Promotions, more info at urbanpromotions.co.uk GO TO IT ! lol

anyway let me know

PM me or e-mail : info@ekizel.co.uk

and check the website ekizel.co.uk look, read whatever lol

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