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Teeth of The Sea (Rocket Recordings) + Seas Starry


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IMP are delighted to announce this event. It will be a superb & intense live visual spectacle.

Frid 7th Feb 2020
The Tunnels (1)
Carnnegies Brae
Doors 7pm
Advance tickets £10 from this link


Teeth of The Sea (Rocket Recordings)
From the basements of East London,Teeth Of The Sea have forged forward intrepidly over twelve years, four albums and two EPs to become heralded as the UK's most adventurous and unclassifiable outfit in the realm of the psychedelic. As inspired by virulent garage-driven noise as austere avant-garde experimentation and driven by soundtrack atmospherics, jazz exploration and electronic dissonance alike, they've outgrown their original influences (Butthole Surfers, Eno, Goblin, Aphex Twin, Throbbing Gristle) to forge a sound both richly celestial and acidically synapse-scorching. It's a journey that's taken them to European festivals like Roadburn, Milhoes De Festa, Eindhoven Psych Lab and Incubate, seen them perform specially curated live soundtrack work in Romania, Cork and CERN, and led them to devastate UK events like Supersonic, Supernormal, Latitude, Bestival and Green Man - all the while forging forward heedlessly into chaos and fresh discovery anew. With their fifth album “Wraith” released by Rocket Recordings in early 2019, Teeth Of The Sea continued to blaze forth with enlightenment and irreverence to the fore. Who knows where they'll arrive, but be prepared to brace yourself and bear witness.

“TOTS are merely vessels for a force operating somewhere beyond our comprehension of what can, and does, qualify as pop music” - Clash

“A record of real and rare magnificence” - Drowned in sound

“Full of variety and unpredictability, like the best science fiction WRAITH maps out a dreamworld of our times, a tonic against the deathly thoughts of the small hours.” - The Quietus


Seas, Starry
Delighted to have these local young bucks supporting another of our headliners, expect psych, Fuzz, grooves, riffs and ambience. Sans vox (usually!!). Pop to drone and owt in between.


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