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Purple Pilgrims (Flying Nun Records) + Barrett's Dottled Beauty


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IMP are delighted to announce as part of their European tour and a strong family connection with NE Scotland (see below)

Purple Pilgrims (Flying Nun Records NZ)
Psychic sisterhood and wistful wanderlust are the twin energies feeding lush ceremonial dream-pop duo Purple Pilgrims - AKA multi-instrumentalist, home producers Valentine and Clementine Nixon. Raised itinerantly in Hong Kong and on New Zealand’s South Island, with deep backgrounds in folk music (their great-grandfather Davie Stewart was recorded by Alan Lomax), the sisters adapted by devising their own telepathic inner worlds. After the Christchurch earthquake of 2011 levelled their home they migrated to the North Island, crashing with friends and sleeping in cars, eventually returning to China, where they began performing crouched sets of gauzy, angelic noise. Subsequent tours of Europe and America alongside Yek Koo, Gary War and Ariel Pink helped hone their sprawling, choral haze into leaner, more mantric forms. To record their first full-length LP Eternal Delight, the Pilgrims sequestered themselves in Tapu, on the western side of the Coromandel Peninsula of NZ, in a shed surrounded by native palms and birds. The isolation, stars, and river nightswimming evidently soaked into the music; all 10 tracks radiate spectral feeling and wide-eyed sensuality. In 2018 Purple Pilgrims collaborated with legendary Antipodean guitarist Roy Montgomery (The Pin Group) on his album Suffuse, alongside some of the eras€ most compelling women singers (Grouper, Circuit des Yeux, Julianna Barwick), the sisters lending their voices and lyricism to his enveloping sound. The making of their forthcoming album Perfumed Earth, saw Purple Pilgrims return to the birthplace of their debut record, where the isolationist sisters assembled a community of collaborators (both in person and remotely) to weave together the 9 track record from their forest sanctuary. Out of this pastoral solitude was born an album a world unto itself. With appearances by Gary War, lauded Lorde keyboardist Jimmy Mac, as well as six-string expressionist Roy Montgomery, Perfumed Earth is an inspired fusing of creative touchstones to achieve a singular, stunning vision. Purple Pilgrims are set to perform at Supersense Melbourne Arts Festival this August, with more dates TBA - they will tour alongside John Maus later in 2019.


An exercise in crystal-toned psychedelic dream-pop excellence…a masterful full-length debut from a very in-tune duo who have honed their recording and performance skills The 405

Dark, spaceous, fantastical music rooted in mysticism and wonder, weaving ethereal tales of ancient, mythological grandeur.
The Line of Best Fit

There's about to be a new Hobbit movie, which means there'll be another round of curious people asking New Zealanders if "New Zealand really looks like that." And, indeed, Purple Pilgrims members and Christchurch-based sisters Clementine and Valentine Nixon make music that doesn't exactly go a long way toward diffusing the illusion of New Zealand as a mystical land replete with green fields covered in mist…manages to make isolation seem more beautiful than terrifying - Pitchfork

Direct from golden era 4AD Records when the Cocteau Twins still roamed... ghostly, hazy, ethereal, mystical, angelic, spectral, sensual
The Guardian

Purple Pilgrims' sheer, lapping sound worlds, melded with ghostly vocals, are the sound of traversing unknown distances; the melodies are choral, but feel solitary too…there are spectres everywhere, suggestions of singing bodies and recognisable words that never quite make it through to the land of the living. 'Skin Sight' could well have been Laura Palmer's funeral dirge, its picked surf guitar reminiscent of the way that Lynch and Badalamenti were able to conjure something glorious and unsettling all at once The Quietus

Also delighted to have Barrett’s Dottled Beauty playing this show
Barrett’s Dottled Beauty is what you get when you cross a Kitchen Cynic with a Pefkin. Nursing an obsession equally with Syd Barrett and lepidoptera, Alan Davidson and Gayle Brogan formed this duo in 2016, playing semi-improvised experimental folk, informed by their shared interest in nature, folk song and noise. "siren-esque psalms quietly stare, seduce and enchant, beguilement doesn’t begin to touch it, ghostly drone mosaics, which arrive trimmed in classicist vintage whose lineage ripples to a dawning of time whilst sonically balanced on a finite point located somewhere between the primordial psych folk utterance’s of Alphane Moon, Ghost, our glassie azoth and the bewitching trips of George Harrison’s ‘blue jay way' "


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