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For Sale / Trades - LSL TBONE (Telecaster) - White - Relic

Ross G

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I really don't want to let this go, but i just find myself not using it live anymore. I don't have space to hoard guitars!

These go for £2,499 new.

See Peach guitars, they are a UK distributor.

This is essentially the closest thing you can get to Masterbuilt 50s Tele.

Fat 50s neck, vintage wound pickups - and really detailed relic work (i know this is not everyone's cup of tea, but i love it).

Everything is handmade to perfection - even the neck.

It sounds absolutely incredible and like I said, gutted to let it go , but needs must.

Comes with Hardcase.

Open to options on a few options on trades / trades plus cash.

Fender American Strat or Jazzmaster in sunburst or black.


Gibson Les Paul


Fender amplification - princeton or deluxe reverb only
Marshall Amplification - 1974x or bluesbreaker only

Can provide more photos on request - doing this from work so had to use pictures saved on my phone!

guitar 5


guitar 1

guitar 2


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