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Savage Mansion // Star Rover // Min Diesel

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Savage Mansion

Savage Mansion is a vehicle for the songs of Perth-raised singer and guitarist Craig Angus (formerly of Poor Things and concurrently guitarist with Martha Ffion), usually augmented by members of Glasgow contemporaries Catholic Action.

This show to coincide with the release of debut LP Revision Ballads, which BBC6's Lauren Laverne called 'a reason to be cheerful about the new year coming'. Their third collaboration with Johnny Lynch's (Pictish Trail/Fence Records) Lost Map Records, the album showcases both Angus' ear for a delicious hook delivered loose or frantic and his absorption of all the right cues from the best guitar bands through the years.

FFO: Pavement, Teenage Fanclub, Parquet Courts, The Velvet Underground, The Modern Lovers

“Potent power-pop and dreamy fuzz” – THE LIST

“The real triumph here remains Angus' knack for writing west coast-tinged pop gems” – GOLDFLAKEPAINT

Star Rover

(unabashedly earwormy melody) x (a glut of fuzz and distortion) = SUCCESS
The Edinburgh-based trio are currently sitting on a freshly recorded album, maybe they will play some songs off it?

FFO: Ash, Dinosaur jr

"glorious... fuck your pandering, non-existent faux shite rock – this is how it is done " - podcart.co

Min Diesel

Local mindie-rock trio. Recently featured in credible music doc "After the ScreaMin Stops", promptly eclipsed by stilted melodrama concerning sibling chumps.

Tunes before/between/after bands provided by the ever-wonderful DJs DBL YELLOW & PAARKIN' FIINE

THE CELLAR // 8PM // £5

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