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The Deportees at Dunbar Hall November 5th 217

Graham Knight

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The Deportees celebrated the release of their new "Birth of Industry" CD with a party at Dunbar Hall in Old ABerdeen.

The evening got off to a good start when I was greeted at the door by one of the stars of the evening - Adam Morrice himself.

I have seen the band on several occasions recently but this set was much tighter than before and very professional. 

The band are now a six piece and newbie drummer Duncan Dallas played well and fitted in perfectly - in other words he was a little more restrained than his usual exuberant self.

The band's music is hard to categorise as it varies so much from number to number.

I liked the Adam Keenan composition "A Single Truth" the best but the whole evening went over well and was met with rapturous applause.

This special CD launch party was attended by a huge crowd and each person went home with a copy of "The Birth of Industry."

I had never been in the Dunbar Hall before but it is a very good venue.

And a last word of praise for the sound - the audio mix was absolutely perfect - well done, the tech people are often forgotten but can make or mar an event.

And well done to The Deportees this new release has been a long time coming but it should do very well.

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