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Guitar Speakers and cab


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Got a few bits to shift on:

I'll do some pics tomorrow but everything is in vgc.

1. Eminence Cannabis Rex 16ohm   50 watts speaker.    These are often put in Fender blackface type amps as an upgrade to the Jensens.  This one was in a 2x12 cab which I've changed about, and I was using it with a variety of amps, always sounded awesome. I've used one before in a Deluxe reverb and it was great in that as well.

Its about 5 years old done.  Mint condition,  I might have the original box.  These are superb speakers.  £50 


2,  Eminence Legend 1218 -  8ohm 150watts Very smooth and sophisticated speaker -  I bought this to use for a specific amp which I then sold on.  Its a very well balanced speaker and works either in a 2x12 or a 1x12.  probably had around 50 hours use in total so barely broken in at best.  £40


3 Montage Thiele ported 1x12 cab:

I've changed the grill screws out as the old ones were a bit loose.  It also comes with a brand new roqsolid cover which cost me £35  but is worth it.


Its one of these.  http://www.lean-business.co.uk/eshop/montage-thiele-1x12-front-ported-guitar-cabinet-empty-p-2956.html

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