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Guitarist required for covers band


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Looking for a solid lead guitarist to replace me in a leisurely, friendly covers band as I am moving away from the area. 

The stuff we do is everything from rock n roll, 60's/Beatles, 70 classics, 80's chart hits right through to some more "modern day" chart covers, in fact anything which is instantly very well known and sure to please the crowds. 

Nothing too technical,and we already have a full set of songs ready of around 30 odd numbers.

We rehearse in Captain Toms usually 2 or 3 times a month.   There are a couple of gigs in the pipeline and a lot of potential for the band to be gigging regularly.

The line up is: a Female lead singer, 2 female backing vocalists, very solid drums, keyboards and rhythm guitarist. 

The songs are chosen to feature the singers and provide a great time for the crowd . 

There are a few easy solos to learn.

Its the wrong band for you if you are looking to feature yourself as a budding Jimmy Hendrix, Steve Vai or Slash or  if want to push any agenda for any other sort of obscure/self indulgent sort of crap which the crowd has never heard of... if you catch my drift 

If you can handle that, and are pretty easy going, willing to learn the set without trying to change the band formula, then get in touch.

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Update for all - the band are taking a wee rest due to busy personal lives/work commitments etc,....so are no longer looking for someone, until they fancy getting back for another go later on, and this could be some time away now.  Thanks to all who replied we have your contacts noted and the guys will let everyone know if things do change.

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