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ePetition details - Live Music Venues and the Agent of Change Principle

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The council are taking this seriously. While it's not possible to implement the Agent of Change locally, it can be done at a Scottish level. City officials have helped us draft an official e-petition calling on Aberdeen City Council to lobby the Scottish government regarding this. If other Scottish cities follow suit (Scotland only really has 5 major cities), then the Scottish government would be compelled to debate this, and the pressure would really be on.
Proceeding this way one big advantage, in that it's the equivalent of everyone in Aberdeen signing the petition.
The first step is for as many people as possible to SIGN and SHARE this NEW petition (unfortunately the original petition doesn't carry the same weight):


Apologies that this means repeating ourselves, but it's the ONLY hope of achieving a successful outcome. Provided we accumulate enough signatures then the council will be forced to debate this issue, and members of the public with also be able to make deputations to the council ahead of that debate. We need to move on this quickly.
The next step is for as many people to email their local councillor as possible, you can do that here:


If we achieve a result in Aberdeen, then we'll attempt to get the ball rolling in other Scottish cities as well.
We're hoping that the council will agree to implement a policy of tolerance in the interim.

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Today, UK Music, Music Venue Trust and Musicians’ Union welcome new Government legislation to protect music venues in planning law following a meeting with Ministers at the Department for Communities and Local Government, alongside Minister for Culture Ed Vaizey MP.

From 6 April 2016, Local planning authorities will have to consider noise impacts on new residents from existing businesses under an amended permitted development right.

Permitted development rights have been extended in recent years and allow certain developments to take place without the need to go through the full planning system. The new regulations mean developers are now required to seek prior approval on noise impacts before a change of use from an office to residential building can be carried out. In short - you can't change offices to flats any more if a music venue is nearby, developers will need to work with the local authority and the music venue to ensure that live music is protected. 

Mark Davyd of Music Venue Trust said:

“We warmly welcome this breakthrough for the UK's grassroots music venues. This common sense move by the government provides an opportunity for local authorities to use their powers to ensure that live music continues to play a vital economic, cultural and social role in our towns and cities. For music venues, this has never been about stopping development or preventing the creation of much needed new housing; it's always been about ensuring that new development recognises the culture, economy and vibrancy of city centres by building great housing, enabling existing music venues and new residents to live in harmony. This is a major victory for the UK's music venues and music fans. The fight to protect, secure and improve them goes on.”

Although these proposals don't go as far as a full Agent of Change law for Music Venues, this is a huge breakthrough and it's been achieved with your support. Together we can make the case for grassroots music venues; thanks so much to all of you that have supported us so far. Keep on keeping on.



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