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Depeche Choad at Downstairs 12th November 2015

Graham Knight

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This relatively new four piece band had a great night at Downstairs In Holburn Street.


Most of their self written numbers were relatively short and the titles were certainly unusual.


"Dead Mole in the Garden" written by drummer Duncan Dallas's nephew is just one example.


"Young Men With Grey Hair" was another unlikely title.

The two guitarists stayed on stage but the keyboard playing vocalist stayed off the stage and almost in the audience for the whole set.

The crowd lapped up musical and whimsical references to pigs and David Cameron!


The last number was especially unusual as the entire crowd were encouraged to dance and were even led Pied Piper-like to the exit before they all rushed back in again.  I can truthfully say I haven't seen so much syncronised  dancing since the audience did the Timewarp at the Capitol long, long ago.

It was quite an evening!




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