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Deadloss Superstar / Headless Kross / Bisongrass / Seas, Starry / Sidca + tbc: Downstairs July 25th @ 7:30 pm

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Deadloss Superstar + Headless Kross + Bisongrass + Seas, Starry + Sidca + tbc


super special guests: Headless Kross.

Space doom on interstellar intoxicants. All the way from Glasgae. You will love this band.


releasing their new album: Deadloss MF Superstar.

Punk rock rammy with 18 years of tunes and almost as many members. Off on hiatus to train up a new guitarist after this show.


bringing something of the void with them: Bisongrass

The mighty colossus, packed with vitamins and goodness. This could be the best bill ever.



ambient, yet crunchy: Seas, Starry

The post-rock instrumental monsters. We're delighted to add them to the bill.


god knows I love this band: Sidca.

The sound of angels dancing on a pinhead. Drunk, confused, glorious angels.



and more to be confirmed


Downstairs - Sat 25 July 2015

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