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Fantastic Fun Gig Tonight + Student Discount


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Misty's Big Adventure, The Vandelays & Talk Book - Dr Drakes Thurs 30th Sept 04


interesting music promotions present an evening of delicious thrills

Dr Drakes

Thurs 30th Sept 04

Doors 8pm Door tax 5

Misty's Big Adventure are SL Records of Edinburgh's first non-Scottish

signing. The 8-piece psychedelic popsters from Birmingham will release

their debut album "misty's big adventure and their place in the solar hi-fi

system" in September. The album was co-produced by Richard March (Bentley

Rythm Ace) and Matthew Eaton (PRAM) and follows on from their two singles

"cool with a capital c" and "night time better than the daytime/I killed

the neighbors They have been attracting press attention, with mojo, uncut

and even the NME interested, who are linking them with The Zutons and the

new "schroomadelic" movement! Dont let that put you off, They are lots of live



The Vandelays formed in June 2003 when Andy Pirie, Vocals + Guitar, and

Dave Stephen, Vocals, Guitar + Keyboard, got together to work on some

material for a few acoustic shows. Some more members were added In

September, Craig Reid, Vocals + Bass and Bryan Forrest, Drums, before the

band started to record and play around Aberdeen. Highlights being

supporting the Needles at the Lemon Tree and the MPE Band at Dr.

Drakes. At the moment the Vandelays are rehearsing new material and will

be gigging around Scotland before completing recordings for an E.P or album.

Talk Book is Joe Hearty and Richard Scott. Both live in Stonehaven, which

is often a lot like Twin Peaks. The music, is for the most part, pretty

stripped down and to the point. It could make you dance frantically, while

crying, but thats only a rumour. Objects used; guitar, drums, pick, organ,

tapes, dictaphone, hands and electricity.


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