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Vocalist wanted for Classic Rock Band


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We're looking for a vocalist to complete the line-up our classic rock covers band (male or female).

We're experienced musicians looking for a vocalist who is able to cover classics by maiden, ozzy, journey etc. In addition to this, Mott the Hoople, Stereophonics, Ash and other similar stuff (also open to suggestions).

We rehearse in Ellon, so if you're interested give us a shout. We've got a number of songs ready just need a vocalist to complete the line up so we can get out gigging ASAP.


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Hi, this sounds up my ally.


Ellon could present a problem as I am a bit south of Aberdeen however, I am in Aberdeen for work during the week and for the right situation and commitment level (people who can actually follow through) it could be workable. I am also a decent guitar player as well, wouldn't want to drop that but certainly can step back a bit and contribute bits of percussion and other miscellaneous instruments as well.


Experienced in most everything rock-wise, with the exception of death metal, and pretty much happy to tackle anything thrown at me. I'm no Bon Scott or Ian Gillan but I can make a decent job of AC/DC, Rush, Skynyrd (a lot more than just freebird), ZZ Top, Ozzy/Sabbath, Zep, Dio, Deep Purple, Soundgarden to name a few. Learned a few Journey tunes over the years. Working on some Foo Fighters and Scorpions just now.


Could be worth getting together a couple times and see how it flies with rehearsal times and travel etc, at worst, we burn a few hours. 07780 968 578





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