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  1. Hi, this sounds up my ally. Ellon could present a problem as I am a bit south of Aberdeen however, I am in Aberdeen for work during the week and for the right situation and commitment level (people who can actually follow through) it could be workable. I am also a decent guitar player as well, wouldn't want to drop that but certainly can step back a bit and contribute bits of percussion and other miscellaneous instruments as well. Experienced in most everything rock-wise, with the exception of death metal, and pretty much happy to tackle anything thrown at me. I'm no Bon Scott or Ian Gillan but I can make a decent job of AC/DC, Rush, Skynyrd (a lot more than just freebird), ZZ Top, Ozzy/Sabbath, Zep, Dio, Deep Purple, Soundgarden to name a few. Learned a few Journey tunes over the years. Working on some Foo Fighters and Scorpions just now. Could be worth getting together a couple times and see how it flies with rehearsal times and travel etc, at worst, we burn a few hours. 07780 968 578 Regards, Jim
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