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EKIZEL MP3 Samples !

Drew DigiTek

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I posted some Samples of tracks I'm working on and also a mix of my new and old tracks.

All Have been recorded at home. The tracks that are 30 second samples are gonig to be recorded in the studio in teh next 2 weeks.

Check them out and give me your thoughts.

INFO About the Mix:

1. Intro (featuring Ricky P, Produced by Ekizel)

2. Tell It Like It Is (produced by CNO Evil and Ekizel)

3. Many Stylez (Produced by Ekizel)

4. My Atittude (Produced by Kamoto)

5. Case 39061 (produced by Kamoto)

6. Even If (Produced by Kamoto)

7. Wordz From DigiTeK (produced by Ekizel)

8. Super Dooper Suzie Suckcess (Produced By Ekizel)

9. Kung Foo Theory (Produced by Kamoto)

Its just a short mix about 4 mins long has samples of all the above tracks in it.

Check them out at www.ekizel.cjb.net click on audios.



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