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Hi there. Paul of Clear Tone, Rory of The Void, Terrorefx and myself are looking for a keys/synth/sound person to join us in a band venture in the near future. Influences including bands/styles like Pink Floyd, Prog Rock, Blues....amoungst many others.

We are looking for someone who has an open mind about creating music, has a passion for playing music and has comitment. The band are between the ages 18/19 and either side of that is fine as long as you have three things we are looking for...17-30 or whatever lol.

So if you are interested and can provide some more influences and talent then give Paul or myself a PM or email.

Me - cold_spoon@hotmail.com

Paul - p.whalley@btinternet.com

Thanks for taking time to read.

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Or maybe theres someone who has a laptop/pc with a MIDI keyboard who could do the same job... That could also work... We are looking for anything along these lines:

Piano/Keyboard Player


Synth Player

PC/Laptop Set up

So if there is anyone who is competent at tany of the above, then please get in touch... This is going to be a very exciting project to get involved with.

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