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Fender Hot Rod Deville

Guest Cowboy Dan

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Guest Cowboy Dan

Ok, so I was contemplating purchasing one of these amps this idea was backed up today at work. I was setting up a function and there was a guitarist checking his levels in one of the other function room and his tone was absolutely beautiful. I peered through but he was right at the other end of the room so all I could see was that he was playing a Strat, but I could tell that from the sound anyway so that wasn't much use. Later on while fetching something from the back of the stage I managed to sneak a look and notice that he was infact just playing straight through a Hot Rod Deville 212, so i'm pretty much definately going to get one...

The negative points I've heard concerning Fender amps are their lack of reliability, does anyone have any horror stories or tips on how to spot potential problems before I buy one of these amps...

Cheers x

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