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Paul Rose coming back to town

Mac Atom

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I've just found out that Paul will be playing two gigs in Aberdeen on the 7th and 8th of October.

For those of you who haven't heard of him he is possibly the most amazing blues guitarist you'll ever see in the flesh. I've seen him up here a couple of times now and he's pretty much reduced me to a quivering wreck each time. He was voted Guitarist of the year in 1995 by Guitarist Magazine and he's on the road again at the moment with his band. I urge all of you who have even the slightest interest in any kind of guitar music to try and make it down to the gigs - it doesn't even matter if your not a huge fan of blues, he plays enough shredding rock licks to keep all of us metal heads happy too :bat:

The gigs are:

'The Globe'

Aberdeen, Scotland

Thursday, 7th October 2004, 9pm

'The Loft'

16 Justice Mill Lane, Aberdeen, Scotland

Friday, 8th October 2004, 9pm

I'll hopefully see a few of you there!!

PS Check out his website if you don't believe me about how good he really is http://www.paulrose.co.uk

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Paul Rose is Amazing!!

Hi guys, this is first thing I've ever written on this web site. Paul Rose was amazing, thanx mac for telling me about him. I whole heartedly suggest everyone go see the band next time their up here, no matter what your taste in music you WILL really enjoy the Paul Rose Band. :up::band::band::band::gringo:

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