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!!!Weekend Of Extremities!!!


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The Whole Building is Currently Shaking... I`m not even joking. Will we get out alive or be crushed by the monsterous sounds that are currently ripping the building apart. If you are going to Panic DHH tonight I recommend that you do a really big POO BEFORE YOU TURN UP to save any embarassment.

More Johnny Truant tickets are now in One Up after selling out of the original quota. I even spotted members of Evac Heaven.

Panic DHH

Date: Saturday 25 th September 2004

Tour Support(s): Motormark

Local Support(s):Strobing Goat & M.A.R.T

Type Of Music: DHR / Industrial / Electropunk

Website: www.hatechannel.com

Biog: From www.hatechannel.com

"Panic DHH (DHR records): Formed in 2002 by Robbie Furze (guitarist for Alec Empire) and Antti Uusimaki. Rooted in punk and metal, combined with industrial and experimental electronica influences. Generated organic noise layered with programmed processed drums, mixed with guitars and electronics. An unconventional structure and formula that forms the unique sound of Panic DHH."


Date: Saturday 25 th September 2004

Type Of Music: DHR / Industrial / Electropunk

Website: www.motormark.net

Biog: From www.allgigs.co.uk

" Scottish electro punk duo Jane Motoro and Marko Polo Roid turn synths into a destructive machine, so much so that it will leave the honest hard working electro funk artists like Ladytron crying onto their latest carefully ironed uniform. Motormark are a breath of fresh air in the anger and passion they combine to liven up a genre that sorely needed it. The erratic and frantic electronica coupled with distorted drum beats, sit in well with Jane's uncompromising in your face vocals that could best be described as Mira Aroyo (Ladytron) mixed with Bjork and flickers of Tori Amos, having a Sunday afternoon drive in a formula one race car."

Doors: 7.00pm

Ages: Over 14s

Price: 4 / 5 On The Door

Tickets from: www.wayahead.com One Up (01224) 642662 or in person from The Bassment (excluding Booking Fee)

Johnny Truant

Date: Sunday 26 th September 2004

Tour Support(s): Allergo

Local Support(s):My Minds Weapon & Evacuating Heaven

Type Of Music: Metal / Hardcore / Screamo

Website: www.johnnytruant.co.uk

Biog: From www.undergroove.co.uk

Citing everything from the US underground noisecore scene to Iron Maiden as an influence, Johnny Truant have already been described as Raging Speedhorn meets JJ72 (rock sound magazine) and an emo band playing death metal! Having already notched up gigs with label mates Charger, Matter, Raging Speedhorn, Medula Nocte, Labrat, Mahumodo and Sikth, Johnny Truant intend to gig as much as possible.

They're ready to dance ... are you?

Johnny Truant's new album "In The Library Of Horrific Events" was produced and recorded by Adam Dutkiewicz from Killswitch Engage and is released on Undergroove on 20th September.

Doors: 7.00pm

Ages: Over 14s

Price: 6

Tickets from: www.wayahead.com One Up (01224) 642662 or in person from The Bassment (excluding Booking Fee)

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