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No idea why!


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But, I was looking some stuff on youtube as you do and came across Teenage Kicks. With it came other vids about the Undertones and of course John Peel (nearly 10 year dead I think). I started listening several postings of him chatting at the start of his radio program and or during the show. He was mentioning some bands that I'd not heard of for ages.....min I wiz nearly greetin:(

I would listen to him every night without fail in them days. Excited about what he would be playing...what I would hear and want to buy or what my mates might buy and I would get them to make a 'mixed tape' to play on my Ghetto Blaster (if I had money for the batteries)


I know I'm an old fart, but I think those were exciting times in music (late 70's)


Anyway, I'll leave you to it, I'm away to get some tissues and listen to some mair classics:)

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Different days Bri, different days! I remember making mix tapes off the radio, I'd spend my paper round money on singles and albums (some went on beer as well) :)


Peel was one of the few mainstream DJ's who would give new bands airplay, rather than the usual Radio 1 playlist put together by an out of touch BBC panel who had no idea what was current! The amount of bands that recorded Peel sessions is massive, to name a few of my favs...  Bauhaus, Buzzcocks, XTC, Undertones, Stranglers, SLF, Stereophonics,  Siouxsie and the Banshees, PIL, John Martyn, Killing Joke, the list is endless...




I guess it all changed with the invention of the Interweb and social media, bands can promote themselves these days? Not having to sell their souls/mothers to get a record deal with the likes of EMI or sending out 500 demo tapes to A & R people in the hope of someone coming to hear them at a gig!

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