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Best Band In Aberdeen? - The Fudge Music Awards 2014

Best Band ?  

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Presenting the Fudge Music Awards 2014 - our annual celebration of Aberdeen's best bands! It takes place this weekend.

We'll be awarding trophies in a number of categories, and the triumphant victors will accept their awards (or not) at The Moorings Bar on Saturday 8th February at our extravagant awards ceremony. Wear a suit/tux/kilt/ballgown to lend the photos an authenic feel.

Three bands will play also, in case you need more reason to turn up.

This category, 'BEST BAND 2014', was an open category on the paper voting slips we've been handing out at the Moorings on gig nights for the past month. We've made our highly trained team of monkeys tally all the nominations, and now we're putting the Top Ten Bestest Bandz In Aberdeen forward for internet voting. This poll will close on Friday night.

There are three ways to vote in this particular category:

1. Here on Fudgenet at Ab-Music, in these polls.

2. On Facebook. Add 'Fudge Aberdeen'.

3. On paper voting slips which were handed out in the Moorings during January.

All of these votes will be combined to arrive at our winners.


the nominees (you may vote for more than one option) -

AKORD - www.facebook.com/AkordOfficial

BISONGRASS - www.facebook.com/Bisongrassmetal

DARTH ELVIS & THE IMPERIALS - www.facebook.com/darthelvis

DEADFIRE - www.facebook.com/Deadfire1

DEADLOSS SUPERSTAR - www.facebook.com/pages/Deadloss-MF-Superstar/373839512637574

DEATH WATCH - www.facebook.com/deathwatchdoom

KORPSE - www.facebook.com/pages/Korpse/406782152697395

STANLEY - www.twitter.com/StanleyAberdeen

SEAS, STARRY - www.facebook.com/seasstarry

THRASHIST REGIME - www.facebook.com/thrashistregime

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2001 - Maple

2002 - Nero

2003 - Liber8

2004 - Eric Euan

2005 - Black Atom

2006 - Stayover

2007 - Panda Eyes

2008 - Bloodnut

2009 - Bloodnut and Escape To Victory (tied)

2010 - Bloodnut

2011 - Which Way Now

2012 - Bison

2013 - Bisongrass

2014 - ?

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