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Killer Angels

Aly Gray

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Press Release

blueminkmusicmanagement have added Dundee based 4 piece KILLER ANGELS to its roster.

KILLER ANGELS are a hard edged rock band that take riffs, hooks and solos out of the

Hendrix and Page school of guitar whilst they are driven by a juggernaut rhythm section

and have a front man that has the passion of Liam Gallaghers voice and swagger of

Bobby Gillespie. There are moments you can hear a pin drop, followed by explosions

of music that tear your ears apart. The Music but harder edged, a band that are in the

same genre as TCTC and Kasabian, the Led Zep of this generation? Who knows?

KILLER ANGELS are just back from playing their 4th Death Disco gig in London for

Alan McGee and have a Fierce Panda showcase gig lined up for the start of October.

You can see KILLER ANGELS at the following gigs -

Sat 18th Sept - Aberdeen Lemon Tree (onstage 10.15pm)

Fri 24th Sept - Glencova Biker Ralley

Wed 6th Oct - London Archway Tavern, Club Fandango (A&R showcase for Fierce Panda)

Fri 29th Oct - Aberdeen Cafe Drummonds (NEMIS/Fat Hippy Records showcase)

Sat 11th Dec - Aberdeen Cafe Drummonds

visit - www.killerangels.co.uk




A&R + Promotions


Manager - The Score


Manager - Killer Angels


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