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Huntly Bands

Come on lads, playing covers lets you get the buzz from some great appreaciative crowds and the oportunity to introduce your own material at your own pace :up::rolleyes: , lets face it guys how many of you out there can keep a dance floor filled for over three hours with all your own material, and buy the way if this Huntly based band were crap the we would not have a full list of bookings for this year and next, look past the end of your nose, Aberdeen is not the music capital of Scotland by no means, yes we have some great bands but get noticed and play out in the sticks as well as in the toon, if you think that a short 1 hour spot in Drummonds or any other venue is hard get out and hit the clubs outwith the city where you have to work your arse off for 3 hours and if your shit you'll soon know.

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